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Pinterest Marketing Made Easy With Tailwind (VIDEO TUTORIAL)


It is well known Pinterest is a search engine for the aspiration-al. Folks visit that platform to find, source, sort and organized DIY projects, recipes, outfits, baby shower ideas, and more. Because the other end of these pins are websites, Pinterest is a major driver of traffic to a lot of websites and many people […]

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How To Move Your Blog To Self-Hosted WordPress Today!


A lot of bloggers start out on one of the free platforms like Blogger, WordPress.com or Wix.com which is perfect if you’re blogging as a hobby and have no plans or interest in monetizing your content or do not really want complete ownership in the content. Screeech! Say what? Who wouldn’t want to make money […]

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Let Your Clients Book Or Pay for Coaching Calls and Appointments With Bookafy


Over the past few days, I’ve had close to a half a dozen friends contact me to schedule an appointment to go over plans for a project launch, for legal advice, to discuss a cross-promotional partnership. It’s daunting keeping up with the requests but then I remembered that I had set up an account with […]

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Tracking Ads Pixels For Your Retargeting Campaign EASY with This Tool!

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Convincing someone to purchase your product, become a regular consumer in your content or services is easier if they already know who you are. These potential future fans of your site, product or service are called warm leads. When you reach these specific type of lead, people who have already visited your website and know […]

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Test Out If Your Subscription Box Idea Would Work with This Free 14 Day Trial

The sandbox

Subscription boxes are still a thing. A lot of us have heard of Birchbox, the Dollar Shave Club, Blue Apron and many of the other top curation boxes out there.  Although  back in 2017, we heard rumblings that there is a plateau in the business model which essentially is monthly or quarterly boxes of products […]

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5 Ways To Become An Instagram Influencer


Instagram is continuing to surge in popularity, now with over one billion monthly users across the globe. As the platform expands, many users are becoming “influencers,” where they post information that can impact the decisions of their followers. These influencers can have a great impact, as their posts are viewed by large numbers of people […]

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How To Launch A Business From Your College Dorm Room


by Adam Witty College students with an entrepreneurial spirit may be eager for the day they can leave the confines of their cramped dorm rooms, move into a spacious office and launch the business of their dreams. But why wait? “There are plenty of examples of college students who were still living in their dorms […]

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Here’s How Social Media Has Changed Advertising (INFOGRAPHIC)


The rise of social media has disrupted many areas of business—and the world of advertising has been especially impacted. So, what are the key factors influencing the shift toward social advertising? MDG Advertising put together a new updated infographic, How Social Media Has Changed the Ad Game,  that explains why social media has evolved into […]

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When Stymied At Work, Women Leave and Open Their Own Shops

women biz

When corporate America’s legendary glass ceiling blocks their road to success, some women decide to take a different route. Their solution: Become their own boss.  “In so many cases when women start out in the corporate world, they find their talents and insights are undervalued,” says Andi Simon, a corporate anthropologist and author of On the […]

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