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These are the Best and Worst US Cities for Jobs 


Not everyone is about that startup and entrepreneur life. Some folks prefer the security of being employed and access to healthcare and retirement benefits. Meanwhile, it has gotten easier to get a job as the unemployment rate is continually dropping to its lowest since 2007. Employers expect to hire nearly 6 percent more college graduates […]

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4 Ways Diverse Sales Staff Increase Revenues


Happy International Women’s Day.  Women bring so much to the table and hiring women and people of color as part of a diverse sales team can boost revenue can boost revenue. That’s what the CEO of leading B2B sales recruiting company launched in 2006. Peak Sales Recruiting says. CEO argues in this below guest post four values of […]

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Ball State’s Biz School Has a Cool Social Media Marketing Program


Isn’t it wonderful that social media and digital marketing has grown so much that colleges and universities are launching centers and programs to train their students how to best dominate in the corporate and future of business. Read More from a recent article about the program: Kyleigh Mazer can regularly be found in front of […]

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Content Creators and Marketers: 140 Links to the BEST FREE Resources for You

Content Creator's Legal and Marketing Resource Tool Kit (3)

FOR BLOGGERS, CONTENT CREATORS AND MARKETERS I am a knowledge junkie! I love watching YouTube tutorials, learning from webinars, podcasts and attenting online and in person seminars, conferences and sessions in whatever field or topic I am immersed in at the time. Owing to that, I also sign up for everything and therefore am fed […]

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Here’s My Secret for Tripling Traffic to My Websites FAST! (10 Min PODCAST)

my secrets to fast site traffic growth

About 6 months ago, the 5 blogs I run (BellyitchBlog, Techyaya, JJBraids, Picnoi  and this one) were ranked in Alexa between the 567,000 to the 14 Million most popular in the US. No, that’s not good at all. Just to back up a little bit, for those that don’t know, Alexa is an analytic metric […]

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