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Lean StartUps: How to Spend Your $1K Marketing Budget


Small and lean startups may not have a budget to hire a marketing or social media manager on staff even though it is well known that marketing is the most important thing for promoting, scaling and advancing a new venture. A friend of mine asked me to give him advice on how should a startup, […]

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Win $100 in Legal, Marketing and Publishing Templates


If you are launching a blog, eCommerce shop or will be promoting some sort of coaching, creative, freelance or some other service online, you’re going to need to get organized I’ve put together a large collection of publishing, legal, and marketing templates, guides and more in my Digital Publishing Academy Shop on Etsy!  For the […]

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I’m Smug Because 2 Years Ago, I Predicted Facebook’s Entering Video Will Dwarf Other Popular Social Media And Am Right


This week, Twitter announced that it will expand the minimum characters for its social media micro-blogging platform from 140 to 280 characters. Apparently, according to tech industry analyst, this move is a direct result to the fact that Twitter has stalled in growth and is experimenting with different ways to grow. So has Snapchat, which added […]

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These Men Turned A Campaign to Expel Junk from LA Schools into a Multi-Million Dollar Wellness Company

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Los Angeles, California-based friends Claude Tellis and Kareem Cook turned a successful campaign to remove vending machines filled with junk foods from the LA school system into a business venture with a Walmart contract. The men, who were friends in college, eventually won approval to replace the junk with healthier, wholesome options and today they have managed […]

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How Millennials Deal with Racism Differently Than Prior Generations


A recent study by Pew concludes that over 58% of Americans believe racism is a “big problem” in society. H. Richard Milner, a noted researcher and expert on race and education at the University of Pittsburgh says that, “education is the key to addressing inequity and racism in society,” and if we are not, “working […]

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A Guide to FTC Disclosure for Fashion Bloggers Who Promote Affiliates


  If you haven’t heard the FTC Endorsement Guidelines (Federal Trade Commission) is focusing more on influencers and disclosures for sponsored and affiliate content. My partners at ShopStyle Collective put together a guide of best practices to follow when promoting any of its affiliate content as well as sponsored content. The guide could is useful […]

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