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Nurture Your Female Talent with These 10 Tips

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Many companies are trying to do better with their diversity hires and advancement but aren’t that committed to making it happen, as was evident in a recent LinkedIn study which showed that companies are not really doing much to promote diversity in hiring, recruitment and advancement. Given that women make up half the population, it shouldn’t […]

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4 Ways SmallBiz Can Use Political Season to Drive Sales


Whether you’re with her, he’s with you, or you’re just not interested, there is no denying that 2016 is a heated election year here in the US. It seems as though every time we turn on the television, scroll through Facebook feeds, peruse Twitter, or flip through a magazine we see commentary and outrage pointed […]

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Award Goals: I like how the Annual Women Forty Over 40 List is Organized

40 over 40 list

Women over 40 can and are doing phenomenal and awesome things in business and we know it. I’m happy to be in that sorority of sisters in business and am also looking forward to putting together the next installment of my 185 Black Women in Tech On Twitter To Follow. The first  185 Black Women in Tech to […]

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50 FREE Online Blogging & Content Marketing Courses


  As I prepare launch my Digital Publishing Academy for the winter session, I’ve been assembling and curating online courses that I want to offer to my students that are totally free or low cost to supplement their learning. You know, extra classes for those who need more elementary and/or  more detailed instructions. My target is […]

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7 Tips to Be More Likeable


Have you ever watched a movie where you find yourself really rooting for the main character? How about when young Forrest Gump breaks free of his leg braces and escapes the bullies on bikes? It’s hard not to let out a little, “Run, Forrest, run,” while you’re watching it, right? Likeable people tend to have that […]

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Here’s What Makes a Video Go Viral, According to Millennials


Having a video go viral is an excellent way to elevate your brand, drive traffic to your website and garner sales for a product or service that you are selling. According to research, 69% of Americans say they share good viral videos online, and of those who do, 19% say they do it passive aggressively […]

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