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Black Panther: Take This Quiz to See If You Can Tell REAL from Fictional African Nations

(6) Racked - The stories behind the beautiful Afrofuturistic costumes... (1)

Let’s have some fun. It’s been a couple of weeks since the Marvel film The Black Panther was released in theaters and the film has been slated to earn $1B (with a B) by the time the receipts for international box offices are tabulated. Wow! Since the release, I have been elated to see that Disney […]

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The 3 Goals Your Next Social Media Marketing Campaign Should Shoot For (10MIN PODCAST)


A lot of people who are old school business owners, brick and mortar store purveyors or who are simply new to the Internet as a tool for launching or growing an established business, may not appreciate the importance of social media marketing and promotion. It can be intimidating and not all people are convinced the […]

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4 Ways to Avoid Online Job Scams


Working online full time is rising in popularity. One survey compiled by an online MBA program in 2016 noted that 45 percent of America’s workforce now telecommutes. If you want to freelance or start your own business to increase your family’s income, you may be concerned about which opportunities are legitimate. As you browse jobs, […]

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5 Ways to Start Getting Sponsored Giveaways with Brands (10 Min Podcast)

Copy of Copy of About Apple, Fenty Beauty and Authentic Consistent Branding.

Each week, I get unsolicited offers from brands, service providers or other companies offer me thousands of dollars worth of products to review on my blog. For those starting out, those opportunities are not common. But they can be. Previously, I blogged about 15 networks that connect bloggers with brands. Now to find out brands […]

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Up Your Game: A Guide to Transitioning Your Blog to a Self-Hosted WordPress


I’ve previously blogged about how to create a brand new website and get a business phone number in one day using  free WordPress.com account. However, as your business grows, you will realize that there are an increased number of things you will want to do to scale. There are several limitations to a free WordPress.com […]

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Before You Waste Your Work Time Attending a Social Event, Listen to This (10 Min Podcast)


When you’re growing a new business and are wearing many hats, your time is precious and limited. Sadly, being a solopreneur or a micro biz means you get no vacatoin, weekends or down time. The minimal amount of time you have to socialize must be worth it and saved for family, close friends or other […]

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5 Different Random People Told Me to Turn Back, But I Didn’t Listen. Here’s What Happened (LISTEN)


This week, I had to make a very important filing and decided to deliver it myself but I was running against the clock and bumped into over a dozen obstacles and people telling me to go back and turn around and by the end of this endeavor, I learned a very important lesson (again) about […]

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Here is How to Create a ‘Splurge of Save’ Fashion Blog Post (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

Makeup Tutorial

Fashion Week is all about high fashion which is out of a lot of people’s budget. That doesn’t mean that people don’t like to watch, admire and gawk at these pieces. A lot of bloggers will do posts that are called “Splurge or Save” which are modeled after a similar type of articles in magazines. […]

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Capture Blog Subscribers Easily and all the Ways How (TUTORIAL)


  “Sumo is super fast and easy to implement,” says Kennan Shaw, the Demand Generation Manager for Tony Robbins. “It gives us great flexibility with our demand generation initiatives and has helped us increase our website leads by 15%. If you’ve been on any website in your life, you’ve seen the standard pop up inviting you to be […]

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Your Explainer on How The Most Used Email Subscriber Capture Plugin Works (VIDEO)


Popups! They can be annoying and intrusive, but they are the best way for a website to build a subscriber list. A subscriber list is used to communicate with website visitors, fans, audience, customers and the like. There are different types of apps, plugins and desktop and mobile services and software that will enable you […]

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