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Why Your Small Business Very Well May Need an Answering Service


With the ever rising cost of living, hiring staff comes with an expensive price tag, and while one must have the company phone lines manned during office hours, there are alternatives to directly employing a receptionist. Allowing the phone to ring until you’re free to answer it, just isn’t an option, and no matter how […]

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#CDC7Words Fallout: Search For Terms Orwell, Orwellian, 1984


When the Trump administration reportedly banned officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from using seven words in budget documents, social media exploded with talk of an Orwellian society. In fact, since the announcement, the terms Orwell, Orwellian or 1984 have been mentioned more than 13,600 times, according to international social media analysis firm Talkwalker. As to the words themselves, […]

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Grow Your Subsciber List by 1,000+ Using This Trick (VIDEO TUTORIAL)


Hosting a giveaways or contests on your blog, your company website or brand page is a great way to increase your brand awareness among your prospective market or to increase you subscriber list. Also, many people host giveaways on behalf of brand, companies or other organizations who may sponsor the giveaway for a fee. You can add […]

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Why There is Still Room For You To Make Money as a YouTube Creator (VIDEO)


Last week, released its list of top earning YouTubers and on that list was a 6-year old boy named Ryan whose YouTube channel, Ryan’s Toy Reviews, earned $11M last year.  There is a lot of skepticism as to whether or not the channel truly earned that much and others question whether it is still […]

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Now Exploring: A Monthly Subscription That Combines Productivity of Having a Real Team Into One Place


I get a lot of products pitched to me. I explore, use and then if I find they are useful, I will suggest it to my friends and blog followers. Personally, I read a book on data mining and BIG DATA before it was a thing. I started exploring sites that help me gain knowledge […]

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These are the 5 Things that Successful Online Businesses Do Differently


About a year ago, I had a Facebook Live video series where I answered a common or frequently asked question on my page. I was going through them the other day and decided that they had tremendous value and that I should share them on the blog as well. In one video, I offer advice […]

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What Happens When Your Stock Photos Don’t Reflect Diverse Markets

pexels-photo-710743 - Copy

There are brand new images up on, the stock photography StartUp I’ve co-founded. Why Diversity in Stock Photos? As a content creator, Editor and manager of several blog properties, I receive pitches daily from brands, PR professionals, publicists, StartUps and more asking me to showcase their products, services and apps on my various sites. […]

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Cracking the Pinterest Algorithm: What Content is Prioritized and How to Mass Delete Pins Tutorial (VIDEO)


Every social media has an algorithmic formula that determines which post from users get pushed through the feeds and streams of their followers. Long ago, each follower saw every post of those they followed as uploaded onto the site in real time and in sequential order. Those days are long gone as social media platforms […]

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Skip Big Video Production and Get This Explainer Video Tool for $49 for LIFE!


You or Your Team Can Create videos for customers, clients, and employees in just minutes with Fleeq You don’t have the time or budget to hire a big production team to put together an explainer tutorial for your app, service or project. If you did it  yourself, you’d have to worry about hosting, integration, cameras, […]

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Primer: How to Use Newer Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Business


A few years ago, I put together a slide show about (then) newer social media platforms and how small businesses can use them to promote their products, services and offerings. I was on the hunt for something else when I stumbled upon it again and thought I’d share it here once again because it might […]

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