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The Abuse of the “AstroTurf” Misnomer -This isn’t LA gang warfare, it’s Net Neutrality Warfare

I would like to take this time to call a truce. What I am realizing after digesting some of the responses to posts and articles from net neutrality advocates is that they have been quite successful – successful at cultivating a class of misinformed followers. Beginning with the apocalyptic claims that the Internet needs saving. […]

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On Net Neutrality: The FCC’s Credibility Problem

The government and the FCC have a serious credibility problem on its hands in the Network Neutrality debate. The Hill newspaper broke a story this week about the ethics violation of the White House Technology adviser who also happens to be a former Google executive. U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer Andrew McLaughlin, Google’s former head […]

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Going rogue: Regulatory Agency Style!

So it looks like that despite the fact that the net neutrality proceeding is still open and the FCC has only just received reply comments in its Open Internet proceeding this past Monday, Chairman Genachowski has been going around  announcing that no matter what, the agency is intent on its plan of action to adopt […]

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Minority digital entrepreneurs to the FCC: You don’t want to get in the way of our Twitter, do you?

Take a gander at the following facts: Fact: YouTube, the fastest growing website on the Internet, started with a $3.5 million dollar venture capital investment. Google acquired it in October 2006 for $1.5 billion in stock. Fact: Although Facebook was only bringing in $500,000 in revenue at the time it was early stage seeking investors, […]

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Response to FCC Chairman Genachowski’s CitizenTube Interview

Jeneba “JJ Ghatt”,is editor at Jenebapeaks.com, an online hub where she helps social media butterfly who empowers digital entrepreneurs and professionals to create great things online at her online learning platform Digital Publishing Academy.  She is an editor of tech blog Techyaya.com and founded the annual 200 Black Women to Follow On Twitter List. Read her bio, then […]

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Hello World, it’s me, Jeneba!

Hello World, it’s me, Jeneba! I’ve been watching, reading, thinking and reacting to all of the recent fury of activity going on at the FCC and in the communications and broadband industry. I realize there is a lot of rhetoric being put out there on several hot button issues. But what’s missing is a voice […]

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