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How To Move Your Blog To Self-Hosted WordPress Today!

A lot of bloggers start out on one of the free platforms like Blogger, WordPress.com or Wix.com which is perfect if you’re blogging as a hobby and have no plans or interest in monetizing your content or do not really want complete ownership in the content. Screeech! Say what? Who wouldn’t want to make money […]

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Blogging for Dummies: A Summary for Beginners

So you want to start a blog and don’t know where to start. This tutorial adapted from Websitebuilder.org will walk you through it in plain speak: Chapter 1: What is a blog? I did mention that I was going to tell you everything, right? I know that there are many of you out there who know what a blog […]

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Top 12 Reasons Why Visitors Don’t Return to Your Blog (And How to Fix It)

your blog

It’s not easy to get unstuck and get over a hump when you’ve hit a plateau. Stuck is what happens to many bloggers and digital publishers who are working hard to grow their blog audiences, increase awareness of their site and are trying to create a community of repeat blog visitors. There are several reasons why […]

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PEW Report: Smartphone-Dependent people can’t live without their phones, literally

Smartphone dependency can be a matter of life and death in some cases for some owners as this recent PEW Research Study shows.

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How incumbent BIG Internet companies control the Digital Economy

When we think of big bad companies that have massive market control we rarely consider how much power, influence and control BIG Internet has but maybe we should

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16 Tech, blog and social media conferences to attend this year

My list, description and link to some of the hottest tech, social media, marketing and blogging tech and social media projects around!

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When is the best time to write? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Creativity sparks different times of day for different people. Explore what science says is the best time and why

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14 Cool Places to Promote Your Blog Giveaway or Contest

After you create a giveaway or contest to promote your blog, you’re going to want to list it on one of these popular contest sites too.

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How a TOS violation cost a Blogger 100K Posts & 150K Followers

Recently, I personally realized the importance of being mindful and cognizant of a blog platform’s Terms of Service before signing up on it and dedicating thousands of hours and sweat building up a following and loading it up with content. This week, WordPress.com  suspended a blog I have hosted on it. Last year,  I purchased […]

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How to Set Up your Blog as a Business in 6 Easy Steps

In this economy, it is a good idea to find a second source of revenue to supplement your household income. The extra money can be used for savings, for a vacation fund or to start the foundation of a business venture you want to launch. One of the easiest businesses to launch is a web-based […]

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