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4 Ways to Support the Professional Blogger in Your Life

support for professional bloggers

If you want to support the independent website owner or blogger in your life, there are certain simple things you can do to help propel their work, writing and sites. And if this is you, give this to your friends so they can know what they can do to help you get traffic, traction and expand your brand

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How Social Media Embeds disrupted the Paparazzi business


[BACKGROUND: Ever so often, I am inspired to blog about a topic, but don’t have time to research, write and offer a more comprehensive treatment to a complex topic. So,  I will just do a quick voice note – kind of like a podcast and share it on my social media pages. This time, my […]

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50 Tips for New Media & Independent Publishers (FREE DOWNLOAD)

digital publishers 1.pdf

It’s the 96-page leaked NYT Innovation Report from 2014 condensed into 50 easy to follow lessons for independent publishers, website owners, bloggers and content creators and marketers

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5 Types of Brand Ambassadors that promote Bloggers

bloggers fans

Celebrities aren’t the only ones that have die hard followers and fans that promote them. Your fave bloggers and content creators do too and here are the ways they promote influential independent digital publishers

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For #Bloggers: The Secret to Writing Great Headlines


There is a method to the madness of creating eye catching, headlines that will get web browsers to click your link. Here they are.

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