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digital divide

Less Strict Wireless Network Neutrality Rules shouldn’t mean anything to Minorities

It was interesting to note so many network neutrality supporters yesterday who were upset the rules did not go far enough to extend to wireless and later read them lamented about how the rules will harm minorities first and foremost. Representative Maxine Waters came out this morning saying that the rule could create a digital […]

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Digital Divide is a Matter of Income

Children using home computer

New York Times is reporting: Household income is the greatest predictor of Internet use for Americans, according to a recent study by the Pew Research Center. In both their access to and use of the Internet and a suite of other technological devices and applications, ho useholds earning more than $75,000 a year significantly outpace […]

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An introduction to the National Association of MultiCultural Digital Entrepreneurs (Video)

I am proud to be the policy chair of a unique and new trade organization just formed, the National Association of Multicultural Digital Entrepreneurs (website launch forthcoming).  Check out a YouTube video I put together introducing the organization and below that a post on the new organization featured in Minority Media & Telecommunication Council’s  Broadband […]

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MMTC’s Honig paints a grim forecast for the State of Social Justice in Media, Telecom and Broadband

I remember talking to an industry colleague at lunch one day and during the conversation she asked what was up with the Minority Media & Telecommunications Council’s 72 proposals pending before the Federal Communications Commission. She seemed to be expressing some frustration over the fact there were 72 proposals. “Why can’t the organization just pick […]

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