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Top 5 Reasons Companies Give for Employment Diversity Deficits


It is a vicious repeat episode of the movie Groundhog Day when it comes to discussing the absence of racial diversity in certain fields like journalism, tech journalism, tech, big LAW, [fill in profession here]. Not a fortnight passes during any given year over the past decade or so without there being a report, controversy, study, incident, […]

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Nonprofits ask FCC to reinstate Broadcast EEO reporting

Having posted this in the past, I must say, that I, for one, am not holding my breath on the FCC acting on this anytime soon. So many things we expected from a majority Democratic Commission and now I hear rumblings of Chairman Genachowski not seeking a second appointment. We had so much hopes. Nice […]

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Google on Transparency: Sometimes Yes. Sometimes No.

I thought it was interesting that my friends at Google are asking the government to impose more transparency on mobile broadband speed data which I am ALL FOR, by the way!  A recent Communications Daily article summarized Google’s formal arguments: Google encouraged the FCC to “collect a diverse range of metrics” for mobile broadband services […]

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MMTC tries Reverse Psychology on the FCC

The Minority Media and Telecommunications Council took a novel approach to trying to get the FCC to act on its promise to do something to make its equal employment opportunity rules more effective: it asked the agency to suspend the rules altogether. This unexpected request is not what you would anticipate from an organizaiton that counts […]

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