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Fisher v. University of Texas

Fisher v. University: Clarence Thomas would overrule diversity in academic admissions, but then what?

So the United States Supreme Court handed down the opinion to the much anticipated  Fisher v. University of Texas affirmative action case today. It was anticlimactic because the court punted. It handed the case back down to the federal court (5th Circuit Court of Appeals) to apply the more stringent standard required when reviewing a challenge […]

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The Anti-Lean In: How the Rules for Women Entrepreneurs Differ; Tech Biz Vet Paula Tompkins explains

When Paula Tompkins started her career in the male-dominated tech field in the mid-1970s,  as one could imagine, the atmosphere for women was not friendly. Fortunately, Tompkins got her start during that time that companies were slowly starting to diversity…because the government made them do it. Back then, the woman who currently owns the 16th […]

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