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How #Ferguson is being Exploited and Weaved into Tech Policy Debates

Here is how proponents of Network Neutrality and other tech policy advocates are weaving in the controversy in Ferguson, Missouri into the mix

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Court today blasts FCC’s attempt to relax ownership rules, says it hurts minority ownership

Congratulations are in order to my friends over at my old job at The Institute for Public  Representation at Georgetown University Law Center and to the  Media Access Project for their resounding victory on behalf of Free Press, Media Alliance and Prometheus Radio Project! Today, the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a decision requiring […]

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Public Interest Groups putting the The “Bully” in the Bully Pulpit

Harold Ford, the Chairman of the Democratic Leadership Conference, recently responded to Free Press’ attack on him and other members of Congress who dared use their God-given brains to challenge Network Neutrality. In his reply, Ford expresses dismay and distress at being the target of a campaign which culminated in a HuffPost piece from Free […]

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