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“Greedy” Mom Bloggers & Pseudo Celeb Gossip Bloggers; Bloggers Continue to Teeter On Edge of Legitimacy

A blogger who is yet to launch takes copious notes while tweeting the Business of Blogging Session and the Blogger Boot camp

This month, Gawker broke a story about a New York Times blogger who was demanding public relations companies pay his travel expenses in exchange for mentioning the firms’ client in his blog. An independent publicist tipped off Gawker which revealed in a July 1 story that Cliff Oxford, a former exec & business man who […]

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The 18 Types of Post Facebook will Censor

PR Daily looked through the Facebook censorship guidelines that one of Facebook’s disgruntled employees leaked and came up with 18 of the most egregious types of posts that Facebook will censor. Here they are: 1. Pictures with “any obvious sexual activity—even if naked parts are hidden from view.” (Foreplay, such as kissing or groping, is […]

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