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How I got 40 Million Profile Views in Google Plus

I recently discovered the factors that went in for me getting a Google Plus page views count that surpassed Google’s Founder and all the other top dogs on that social media platform

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5 New Social Media & Blogging Trends We are Over already

These 5 Social Media Trends got annoying and outdated just as fast as they came into fad fashion

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The New Unified Google Policy Explained

Reprinted from my post on Politic365.com If you are a user of any Google services – including Google search engine, Google Plus, Gmail, Blogger, Chrome, Google Voice, Picasa, Google Apps, Google services on Android phones and YouTube – you may have gotten several notices. Google is consolidating the privacy policy for all those services into […]

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When it comes to minorities, will Google+ be to Facebook what Facebook was to MySpace?

My latest piece on Politic365: For all the talk about US Blacks and Hispanics being the most active users of Twitter and having a substantial membership on Facebook, it seems they may not be quickly migrating to and taking advantage of Google’s latest attempt at breaking into the social media sphere, the Google + project. It […]

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My Prayer to the Google+ Gods

I joined Google+ earlier this week.  So far so good.  What I love most is following and contributing to other people’s fun  streams. So far I love it waaay more than Twitter and Facebook because it is a wonderful melding of the two. I finally took the time to finalize my profile and bio and started […]

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