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How Unregulated New Media Cross Ownership Suppresses Competition


Traditionally, in America, the federal government (mainly the FCC) only regulates media companies that are part of natural monopolies like broadcast TV and Radio, Telecom transmission and Cable but not new media. It couldn’t if it tried. There are thousands if not millions of people and companies that each own their own media property or […]

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Facebook admits Stereotypes and Unconscious Bias play into Its Low Employee Diversity Numbers


Data indicates the tech industry has a “2% problem “when it comes to its black employee representation and It seems this is the true reason for it and it has nothing to do with the lack of qualified blacks with computer science degrees or coding experience.

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6 Ways Social Media Sites may be stealing from Users, Bloggers & Advertisers

social media

Social media sites have been bilking users out of revenue for years now and there’s nothing much being done about it

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16 Tech, blog and social media conferences to attend this year


My list, description and link to some of the hottest tech, social media, marketing and blogging tech and social media projects around!

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How the Internet Economy is like the Wide Open West

Gunfighters 6607

The opportunities for taking advantage of the internet economy are broad with endless opportunities once the US doesn’t abandon its principles that enabled web-based startups and entrepreneurs to thrive

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Google targets Emerging Markets & Developing Countries with Android One launch

android one

To capture emerging economies and nations with low-income users, Google Android one goes for volume to help stem market losses

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How I got 40 Million Profile Views in Google Plus

I recently discovered the factors that went in for me getting a Google Plus page views count that surpassed Google’s Founder and all the other top dogs on that social media platform

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Google offers Women and Minorities 3-Months of FREE CODING School

code school

Learn to code if you are a woman of color, woman or minority on Google – Call it the guilt perk!

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Who are the most popular bloggers in Google?

most influential

I was websurfing doing some online research and came across Recommended User’s listing of top people to follow on Google Plus based on the number of followers they each have. I took note of the fact that Bloggers were on its categories list, but was most impressed with the other categories: Foodies, Gaming, Googlers, LGBT, Podcastersm Web Celebrities, Web Developers, Web Designers and Women […]

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Top 5 Reasons Companies Give for Employment Diversity Deficits


It is a vicious repeat episode of the movie Groundhog Day when it comes to discussing the absence of racial diversity in certain fields like journalism, tech journalism, tech, big LAW, [fill in profession here]. Not a fortnight passes during any given year over the past decade or so without there being a report, controversy, study, incident, […]

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