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10 STEM Worker Immigration Initiatives on hold during Border Crisis

While the battle of dealing with tens of thousands of undocumented central American immigrants continue, STEM immigration initiatives stall

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Obama responds to Supreme Court Arizona v. US ruling

Just got the White House response to the controversial Supreme Court ruling in the case where the US challenged the law that would have empowered police to randomly stop and ask for the immigration status of people police suspect may be in the country illegally. Statement by the President on the Supreme Court’s Ruling on […]

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Could the DREAM ACT be used as a Tool for Returning Undocumented Immigrants to their Homes?

President Obama recently said that one of his regrets of his first two years in office was not being able to get the DREAM Act passed.  The bill which would create a path to citizenship for children of undocumented immigrants failed in a 55-41 vote in the Senate last week, thereby killing it in Congress […]

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Look back at America’s history of granting Amnesty to Europeans

I thought I’d share one of the most often quoted portion of my post  defending the Dream Act after it failed the first time this past summer: [T]hough many Americans assume their ancestors came here legally, many immigrated under different standards.  When many families arrived in the U.S., there were no numerical limitations on immigration, […]

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Tech Entrepreneur researcher debunks myths, shares success models

One of the things I love about living and working in such a progressive and forward thinking area like the Washington DC region is getting to attend lectures by very smart people about lots of different interesting topics.  This past October 28, I got the opportunity to listen to a leader in innovation and entrepreneurial […]

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