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5 Things to Do to Ensure Diversity in Tech

We’ve all heard the stats about the digital divide and the minuscule number of people from unserved and underserved communities ability to gain capital and opportunities to build and grow tech businesses. There are varied solutions pitched and presented among top policy and other experts in the field of diversity inclusion. The Kapor Center for […]

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The Presidential Innovation Fellowship program, apply this Summer

Man, when I say my kids MUST learn to code because app developers and coders get all the best opportunities, I wasn’t lying. And look at this: I just learned that the White House has launched a Presidential Fellowship program this summer that will assemble the best minds in private, public and non-profit sector “to […]

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AOL’s Steve Case & Obama launch effort to promote entrepreneurship & innovation

Politic365 reports Over the last week, the Obama Administration has taken some extra steps toward demonstrating its commitment to technology and entrepreneurship. During his State of the Union address, the president pledged to promote innovation by securing broadband access for all Americans via next generation wireless networks.  He also reaffirmed his commitment to creating an […]

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Africa could benefit greatly from Apple’s solar-powered gadget patent

CNET reports: It specifically deals with converting the power from a solar panel to meet the power requirements of electronics. The system includes a voltage converter that ensures the available solar power can be converted and used to recharge batteries. The solar panel could either be embedded in the device or be removable, according to […]

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Tech Entrepreneur researcher debunks myths, shares success models

One of the things I love about living and working in such a progressive and forward thinking area like the Washington DC region is getting to attend lectures by very smart people about lots of different interesting topics.  This past October 28, I got the opportunity to listen to a leader in innovation and entrepreneurial […]

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