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Lean StartUps: How to Spend Your $1K Marketing Budget


Small and lean startups may not have a budget to hire a marketing or social media manager on staff even though it is well known that marketing is the most important thing for promoting, scaling and advancing a new venture. A friend of mine asked me to give him advice on how should a startup, […]

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How to Create A Swipe File Using Instagram


Do you have a swipe file? Everyone who creates content online, or who sells, markets or promotes products, digital and real ones, and/or engages audiences online should have one. A swipe file is a collection of tested and proven advertising and sales letters. Keeping a swipe file (templates) is a common practice used by advertising […]

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The #StartUp Cult: The 12 Different Kinds of Entrepreneurs


Throughout recent Internet history, there have been articles written about “The Cult of Entrepreneurship”, essentially breaking down some of the idiosyncratic nuances associated with the startup culture. I was thoroughly amused by a recent commentary written by linguist Gabriella Rackoff in Medium back in March. This early passage stood out: The first problem I see with […]

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How Social Media Embeds disrupted the Paparazzi business


[BACKGROUND: Ever so often, I am inspired to blog about a topic, but don’t have time to research, write and offer a more comprehensive treatment to a complex topic. So,  I will just do a quick voice note – kind of like a podcast and share it on my social media pages. This time, my […]

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How technology lets “Selfies” save your life


If you search Instagram for “#selfie,” you’ll get a whopping 62,835,942 photos. The smartphone self-portraits dominate the social media world. And now, selfies aren’t only fun to shoot and share; now they could save your life. Engineers at Cornell University have developed technology that uses color analysis from phone camera images to test cholesterol levels. The […]

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A Day in My Life as a Publisher/Tech Lawyer/Start up and Author

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Inspired by NPR‘s three-week Twitter series, Day in the Life of Blacks in Tech, and nudged by a fellow I follow on Twitter, I thought I’d share my day too. I know and have worked with several of the people featured and have been enjoying following their days and look forward to following others. It’s […]

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Why you’ve seen Bitstrips flooding your Facebook timeline recently, Bitstrips creators explain


Over the last few weeks, many people have seen their Facebook timelines flooded with Bitstrip cartoons. The desktop and mobile app which only launched last year 2012 lets users create a cartoon version of themselves, then create and personalize fun comic scenarios that they can share with their friends on Facebook. The cartoons appear on […]

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