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From Studio Apartment to $8M in Sales, One Mompreneur Shares Lessons

Less than three years ago, Jeanne Foley was living in a New York City apartment, about to give birth to her first child and simultaneously launch a startup called The Groomsman Suit. For Jeanne, the thought of becoming a ‘mompreneur’ was exciting and completely terrifying at the same time. “The responsibilities that come with children […]

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Female Founder Promising to Bring Women of Color True Nude Undergarments Meets $20K Kickstarter Goal

I love seeing when diverse people take advantage of crowdsource funding platforms and meet their fundraising goals. Here is one such success case which wins because it meets a need. In July 2015, Brooklyn native Danai Pointer launched a company aiming to bring genuine and authentic nude color undergarments to all women. The fact remains […]

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The #StartUp Cult: The 12 Different Kinds of Entrepreneurs

Throughout recent Internet history, there have been articles written about “The Cult of Entrepreneurship”, essentially breaking down some of the idiosyncratic nuances associated with the startup culture. I was thoroughly amused by a recent commentary written by linguist Gabriella Rackoff in Medium back in March. This early passage stood out: The first problem I see with […]

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How the Internet Economy is like the Wide Open West

The opportunities for taking advantage of the internet economy are broad with endless opportunities once the US doesn’t abandon its principles that enabled web-based startups and entrepreneurs to thrive

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Next Gen StartUp Founders Really don’t know what they’re in for under Title II Net Neutrality Regs

It’s unclear whether the next generation of start up founders are aware that the regulatory framework proposed for the internet may burden their efforts to launch and grow successful companies.

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