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How To Launch A Business From Your College Dorm Room


by Adam Witty College students with an entrepreneurial spirit may be eager for the day they can leave the confines of their cramped dorm rooms, move into a spacious office and launch the business of their dreams. But why wait? “There are plenty of examples of college students who were still living in their dorms […]

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In Future, Facebook will be mainly Video


During its first community town hall, Mark Zuckerberg opened up and gave audience members insight into the future of his wildly popular social media networking site.

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Next Gen StartUp Founders Really don’t know what they’re in for under Title II Net Neutrality Regs

start up founders

It’s unclear whether the next generation of start up founders are aware that the regulatory framework proposed for the internet may burden their efforts to launch and grow successful companies.

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The FTC-Facebook Settlement Terms Explained

Following up on complaints filed by consumer privacy protection organizations,  on Tuesday, the Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement agreement with Facebook over its lax privacy regulations. “Facebook’s innovation does not have to come at the expense of consumer privacy,” FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz said. “The FTC action will ensure it will not.” What did Facebook […]

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Who Should be Time’s Person of the Year?

Is there any a question that the answer is Number 22 on the below list? The Candidates Julian Assange Glenn Beck David Cameron The Chilean Miners Arne Duncan Recep Tayyip Erdogan Jonathan Franzen Lady Gaga Robert Gates Tony Hayward Hu Jintao LeBron James Steve Jobs Hamid Karzai David and Charles Koch Liu Xiaobo Barack Obama […]

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