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Michelle Obama’s Maya Angelou Memorial Service Eulogy (TRANSCRIPT & VIDEO)

Michelle Obama delivers a personal and heart felt eulogy of Maya Angelou during a memorial service for the late great poet at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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First Lady’s SOTU Guest Box to feature current and future tech leaders

Tonight, is President Obama‘s first State of the Union address during his second term in office. Prognosticators and pundits are hypothesizing what the themes will be. Traditionally, you can tell what the speech will focus on by studying those who have been invited to seat in the First Lady’s box during the address. This time is no […]

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Inauguration: The Obamas captured looking like the average smartphone-addicted family (PHOTOS)

Yesterday was the 57th presidential inauguration of the 2nd term of the 44th president of the United States Barack Obama. The day started with the president and vice-president laying a wreath at Arlington cemetery, followed by the traditional morning service at St. John Episcopal church located across the street from the White House, followed by […]

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Impact of Social Media on Elections (INFOGRAPHIC)

  How will social media impact this election? The folks at Open-Site know. It put together a graphic showing the impact of social media on the campaigns for the 2012 November presidential elections. It notes that the elected officials are well aware of the importance of staying plugged into their constituents via sites like Facebook […]

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“Common” controversy shows distraction politics is working

This week, the blogsphere and Twitterverse were abuzz over news that Michelle Obama had included  a “vile rapper” among a list of  poets and lyrical artists invited  to a May 11 celebration of poetry event at the White House.   So it appears that someone got a list of participants, quickly went on an Andrew Breitbart-like […]

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Michelle Obama on the Affordable Care Act, One year later

In this week’s edition of my Politics of Raising Children Blog that I author in The Washington Times, First Lady Michelle Obama guest posts a very personal account of discoveries she made about her parenting decisions at the pediatrician’s office. It had to do with food choices for her daughters and their impact on weight. Having a […]

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