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3rd Circuit Designated Entity Case is a WIN for Small Wireless companies

I am so happy to report that the case in which I served as amici counsel for 10 small, women- and minority-owned wireless companies and supporting nonprofits, Council Tree, et al. v. FCC, has resulted in a big WIN for the most part!! In a 53-page ruling, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals struck down […]

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The Senator & his big massive list of corporations electing to not fill out his corporate diversity survey

I made my way down to Capitol Hill yesterday to hear the lone Hispanic member of the Senate,  Senator Robert Menendez announce the results of a comprehensive report that summarizing  findings from a voluntary survey his office organized of the nation’s top corporations.  As I would expect,  the survey revealed far lower representation among minorities and women on corporate […]

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A light at the End of the Comcast/NBCU Merger?

It was refreshing to attend the MMTC 8th Annual Access to Capital Conference last week. Among other things, I appreciated learning about the various opportunities for African American, Hispanic American, Asian American and Native American entrepreneurs that are interested in media and communications properties ownership. During one session at the conference, I got an opportunity to ask […]

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Investing in Broadband in Emerging Domestic Markets is Key to Economic Recovery

Limited capital is among, if not, the number one reason minority and women-owned start ups fail. Rather than running away from business owners in this market, investors should be running to them especially if they consider the fact that these businesses are part of emerging domestic markets which studies conclude are key to the economy’s […]

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