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National Broadband Plan

Dueling Universal Service, National Broadband Plan events

Monday had dueling events about Universal Service Funding and the National Broadband plan.  I opted to check out my buddy Craig Settles take on author of the FCC’s National Broadband Plan, Blair Levin in a “Meet the Press” type debate.  Up the street, at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski was […]

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The Man Who Wrote the Broadband Book Debates the Man with the Broadband Plan

There is a very interesting debate going on between analyst Craig Settles and Blair Levin, the architecture of the National Broadband plan on the future and application of the Plan. Levin’s reply to a post from Craig, inserted in the posting below, was rebutted by Craig on GigaOm last week.  Check it out . Start here with […]

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New NTIA broadband adoption study confirms gaps based on race

The new NTIA report, Exploring the Digital Nation: Home Broadband Internet Adoption in the United States, was released this week and while the good news is that 64%  of U.S. households had broadband service at home as of October 2009, up from 51 percent in 2007, the bad, but not surprising, news is that minorities […]

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