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CyberMonday: Those without in-home Broadband access miss out on savings/deals

Holiday Shopping

A new report says customers are more likely to make a purchase from a link on their tablet or computer, most likely at home, revealing that those without in-home broadband access are less likely to get deals-saving benefits those with access get.

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New Unlocking phones law allows you to take your wireless phone to any carrier

cell phone freedom

A new law just passed gives consumers the freedom to unlock their mobile phones at the end of a service contract and go to a competing carrier without penalty.

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10 STEM Worker Immigration Initiatives on hold during Border Crisis

immigration on hold

While the battle of dealing with tens of thousands of undocumented central American immigrants continue, STEM immigration initiatives stall

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How #EqualPay policing of private businesses is government overreach (VIDEO)

image: Facebook

Government efforts and policies to ensure gender pay equity may actually be bad for businesses and the economy and is an example of government overreach

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Kerry Washington on SNL: On African Americans’ unconditional high Obama approval rating


So, after some decent feedback on my Bethenny Frankel/Omarosa video log last week,  I’m back at it again. I think I like the idea of doing a quick 5-10 minute video response/rant about a popular pop culture or political topic in the news as a deeper dive to the 140 characters-at-a-time exchanges I have had with friends and […]

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Elected Officials & Pedigree: Do Voters Prefer the Average Joe or Someone Smarter Running the government?

jan brewer

In September 2009, Scripps News reported that 5 percent of the members Congress were serving without having a college degree, which is not required by the Constitution, but is often assumed. “According to the Congressional Research Service,” the outlet reported. “Twenty-seven House members and one senator currently serve without a college degree.” “College degree credentials are becoming so […]

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First Lady’s SOTU Guest Box to feature current and future tech leaders


Tonight, is President Obama‘s first State of the Union address during his second term in office. Prognosticators and pundits are hypothesizing what the themes will be. Traditionally, you can tell what the speech will focus on by studying those who have been invited to seat in the First Lady’s box during the address. This time is no […]

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Last Night’s Debate: 5 Take-Aways!


By now, we know that most polls declare President Barack Obama the winner in last night’s second of three presidential debates. CBS news poll of uncommitted voters gave Obama the 37 to 30 percent lead over Romney, with 33 percent saying it was a tie; and a CNN ORC poll pitting Obama 46 to  Romney’s 39 percent with a […]

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Obama responds to Supreme Court Arizona v. US ruling

Just got the White House response to the controversial Supreme Court ruling in the case where the US challenged the law that would have empowered police to randomly stop and ask for the immigration status of people police suspect may be in the country illegally. Statement by the President on the Supreme Court’s Ruling on […]

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The Presidential Innovation Fellowship program, apply this Summer

Man, when I say my kids MUST learn to code because app developers and coders get all the best opportunities, I wasn’t lying. And look at this: I just learned that the White House has launched a Presidential Fellowship program this summer that will assemble the best minds in private, public and non-profit sector “to […]

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