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4 Ways Teens give away their Privacy on Facebook


Teens unwillingly sacrifice personal information and privacy on social media sites like Facebook but there are alternative chat apps out there available

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Death of privacy in the era of camera phone journalism


I was perusing the internet and bumped into a story about Tina Fey‘s biggest nightmare coming true: being photographed in a bathing suit in Florida. *gasp!* In actuality, the photo was of her in a full skirted bathing suit, one commonly worn my moms – this mom included. It wasn’t overtly sexy or had all […]

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Online Privacy: Is there really such a thing? (INFOGRAPHIC)

An online marketing degree website put together this interesting infographic about our online privacy which according to the information gathered tells the story about how we really don’t have much control over how our data and information is shared by companies online. Makes you want to think, doesn’t it? Created by: OnlineMarketingDegree.com Jeneba “JJ Ghatt”,is […]

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FTC slapped fine on online firm that tracked users for advertisers

It only takes one bad or careless actor to ruin a good thing.  Because online company Chitika Inc was busted tracking users without their prior approval, the FTC cracked down on it, issuing the company a fine and coming to a settlement and resolution recently, according to the Wall Street Journal. Apparently, it appears that […]

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Proposed McCain-Kerry Online Privacy bill could harm innovation

Next week,  Senators John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.) plan to team up to introduce  ”online privacy bill of rights”  legislation that would require companies to seek permission before sharing a user’s data with third parties, and would give consumers the right to view any data collected on them. The bipartisan bill would […]

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