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Cracking the Pinterest Algorithm: What Content is Prioritized and How to Mass Delete Pins Tutorial (VIDEO)


Every social media has an algorithmic formula that determines which post from users get pushed through the feeds and streams of their followers. Long ago, each follower saw every post of those they followed as uploaded onto the site in real time and in sequential order. Those days are long gone as social media platforms […]

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Lean StartUps: How to Spend Your $1K Marketing Budget


Small and lean startups may not have a budget to hire a marketing or social media manager on staff even though it is well known that marketing is the most important thing for promoting, scaling and advancing a new venture. A friend of mine asked me to give him advice on how should a startup, […]

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Master Pinterest for Sales and Traffic This Year with These Tools and Plan


A lot of my fellow content creators who realize they get most of their traffic from the social sharing platform, Pinterest, are finally starting to take it more seriously and dedicate more of their lives to learning the platform and growing their followers. I am too. I started last year to shift priorities to it […]

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Why Twitter’s biz model is not as lucrative as Facebook & Pinterest.


Twitter‘s CEO Dick Costolo will step down, New York Times reports. Part of the reason the 5-year Chief of the popular social media company is relinquishing his post is because of its struggles to grow its user database, increase ad revenue and get side projects launched and successful. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t have the same flexibility […]

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Report: Minorities, Urban, Poorer, Youth & Women use Social Media most


Social Media is blowing up! Most adults use social media. A recent PEW Internet social networking survey revealed that as of December 2012, 67% of American adults use social networking. But of the top sites, Facebook is number one with 67% of adults saying they have an account compared to just 16% on Twitter, 15% […]

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Why Pinterest has more utility than other social media platforms


Why I love Pinterest, by Jeneba Jalloh Ghatt Unlike other newer social media formats, like Instagram for example which just lets users share images, Pinterest, a digital pinboard has so much more useful utility. Recently, it was the third most popular social media platform behind Facebook and Twitter.  According to a Compete’s Online Shopper Intelligence Survey, Pinterest […]

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How Pinterest is like a Blogger’s “mix tape”

So apparently, some professional photographers are upset with the latest hottest social media site, Pinterest, which enables users to “pin” their images onto Pinterest digital boards without attribution, credit or a link back to their sites. They are concerned that their photos could be manipulated, copied, shared and possibly used for profit by another person […]

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5 Digital Tools to Boost your Brand in 2012

love this from CheapSally.com   Jeneba “JJ Ghatt”,is editor at Jenebapeaks.com, an online hub where she helps social media butterfly who empowers digital entrepreneurs and professionals to create great things online at her online learning platform Digital Publishing Academy.  She is an editor of tech blog Techyaya.com and founded the annual 200 Black Women to Follow On Twitter […]

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