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politics of raising children

A Day in My Life as a Publisher/Tech Lawyer/Start up and Author

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Inspired by NPR‘s three-week Twitter series, Day in the Life of Blacks in Tech, and nudged by a fellow I follow on Twitter, I thought I’d share my day too. I know and have worked with several of the people featured and have been enjoying following their days and look forward to following others. It’s […]

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Trayvon Martin: How the absence of “skin privilege” might have did him in

Just thought I’d share a detailed explanation on skin privilege I gave to a commenter on my post at The Washington Times.  In the article, I highlight a recent YouTube video that has gone viral of a  young white girl exclaiming that because of white skin privilege white people would never be in the position […]

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Look back at America’s history of granting Amnesty to Europeans

I thought I’d share one of the most often quoted portion of my post  defending the Dream Act after it failed the first time this past summer: [T]hough many Americans assume their ancestors came here legally, many immigrated under different standards.  When many families arrived in the U.S., there were no numerical limitations on immigration, […]

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In Defense of the DREAM Act immigration Bill…

I defended the DREAM Act immigration in a post I did on the blog I write for the Washington Times called Politics of Raising Children where I dig into the political aspect of raising children in this very political city I live in, Washington DC.  Check out my post there when you get a chance. […]

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