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First White House Demo Day Highlighted America’s Diverse StartUp & Entrepreneurial Talent Pool

Thirty one years ago, Ramona Pierson was a young Marine out for a run one day when she was hit by a drunk driver which left her blind and in a coma for 18 months. After regaining consciousness, when all hope was all but lost, Pierson used the support from older members of the nursing […]

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The #StartUp Cult: The 12 Different Kinds of Entrepreneurs

Throughout recent Internet history, there have been articles written about “The Cult of Entrepreneurship”, essentially breaking down some of the idiosyncratic nuances associated with the startup culture. I was thoroughly amused by a recent commentary written by linguist Gabriella Rackoff in Medium back in March. This early passage stood out: The first problem I see with […]

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Tech Salaries Around the World (INFOGRAPHIC)

Just because Silicon Valley is in the United States and considered the hub of start ups and technology doesn’t mean its workers earn the most in the field. Time doctor paired up with the guys at infoactive.us to come up with this interactive visual summary of salaries that IT workers globally earn. A senior web […]

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Is the Tech Industry Racist? (INFOGRAPHIC)

I just did an interview with the Broadband and Social Justice asking my opinion on an infographic (below) created by an online degree company which seemingly makes the claim that the tech industry is racist. I don’t want to give away too much of what I told the site, published by the Minority Media and […]

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Tech Entrepreneur researcher debunks myths, shares success models

One of the things I love about living and working in such a progressive and forward thinking area like the Washington DC region is getting to attend lectures by very smart people about lots of different interesting topics.  This past October 28, I got the opportunity to listen to a leader in innovation and entrepreneurial […]

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