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Sirius XM Showdown 2012 Appearance: Talking Impact of Tod Akin’s remarks & 0% Mitt Support by Blacks

Last night, I called in to the Politics of the United States (P.O.T.U.S) channel (124) on Sirius XM and participated in a roundtable discussion about the upcoming GOP convention, Democratic presidential campaign strategy, the impact of Missouri Senatorial candidate Representative Tod Akin‘s remarks about abortion and a recent poll which said that there is 0% support […]

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Sandra Fluke joins Obama campaign, Jeneba Speaks on it on Sirius XM

I was on Sirius XM‘s P.O.T.U.S. Channel this evening on its Showdown 2012 show which brings in the best minds in politics and policy to discuss the upcoming presidential election and the ongoing campaigns of President Barack Obama and Republican candidate former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. During the show, I discussed the recent interjection of […]

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SiriusXM Radio will devote a channel to Charlie Sheen’s drug addiction

Seriously.  You can’t make this up. SiriusXM satellite Radio announced Friday that it is creating “Tiger Blood Radio” which will be a 24-hour limited run channel that will be dedicated to news, facts and information about the media madness over the “Two and a Half men” actor Carlos Estevez whose Hollywood name is and has […]

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Jeneba on The Mario Armstrong Show talking politics

Lost tapes: Check out an interview on The Mario Armstrong show on Sirius/XM satellite radio on The Power 169 talking about elections, campaigns, donations and retransmission consent from October 26. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN IN! Jeneba “JJ Ghatt”,is editor at Jenebapeaks.com, an online hub where she helps social media butterfly who empowers digital entrepreneurs and professionals […]

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