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Why Your Small Business Very Well May Need an Answering Service


With the ever rising cost of living, hiring staff comes with an expensive price tag, and while one must have the company phone lines manned during office hours, there are alternatives to directly employing a receptionist. Allowing the phone to ring until you’re free to answer it, just isn’t an option, and no matter how […]

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Black Friday for Small Biz: 4 Ways to Get Your Biz Ready to Sell


There’s no shopping day quite like Black Friday. Whether you participate online or battle your way through hoards of determined shoppers, Black Friday can be a stressful time for retailers looking to make money. But just like how shoppers plan out their mall trips to maximize their time while getting everything they need, stores need […]

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The #StartUp Cult: The 12 Different Kinds of Entrepreneurs


Throughout recent Internet history, there have been articles written about “The Cult of Entrepreneurship”, essentially breaking down some of the idiosyncratic nuances associated with the startup culture. I was thoroughly amused by a recent commentary written by linguist Gabriella Rackoff in Medium back in March. This early passage stood out: The first problem I see with […]

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How to ensure your Small Biz Digital Campaign is Effective

digital campaing

These days, many business owners realize that implementing a digital campaign is a great way to enhance visibility, optimize conversion, and keep their companies growing. However, many of these business owners do not know what systems and strategies… Jeneba “JJ Ghatt”,is editor at Jenebapeaks.com, an online hub where she helps social media butterfly who empowers digital […]

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Report: Women of color-owned businesses doubled, outpace growth for all women-owned businesses

women of color business 3

A new report shows over the past few decades women of color-owned businesses have doubled and outpaces growth from all women-owned businesses even though they earn less revenue and employ less people.

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The Anti-Lean In: How the Rules for Women Entrepreneurs Differ; Tech Biz Vet Paula Tompkins explains

Paula George Tompkins

When Paula Tompkins started her career in the male-dominated tech field in the mid-1970s,  as one could imagine, the atmosphere for women was not friendly. Fortunately, Tompkins got her start during that time that companies were slowly starting to diversity…because the government made them do it. Back then, the woman who currently owns the 16th […]

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5 Tips for Small Businesses on Small Budgets


You don’t have to have a large budget to manage your small business. Here are some tips on how to save costs: 1. Skip the expensive office. Work from home and use the UPS store or one of the other many virtual online companies out there that will give you a street address  and collect […]

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Where are the Angel Investors and How do they Invest?


Every start up, entrepreneur and small business technology company need capital, whether to launch, fund growth or expand to the next level. For many start ups that have not gone to market yet, starting at the angel level is the best alternative for funding when there is no positive revenue balance sheet to entice a […]

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Treasury Dept to host an Access to Capital for Small Business Conference

OBAMA ADMINISTRATION ANNOUNCES ADDITIONAL DETAILS FOR UPCOMING CONFERENCE TO EXPLORE ACCESS TO CAPITAL FOR SMALL COMPANIES WASHINGTON – Today, the Obama Administration announced additional details about its March 22nd conference: “Access to Capital: Fostering Growth and Innovation for Small Companies.” The conference will bring together policymakers, entrepreneurs, investors, academics, and other market participants to explore how […]

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The latest Small Business Bill Broken Down

The Senate passed the Small Business  Lending Assistance and Tax Relief Bill this past Thursday. Democrats won a 61-38 vote to pass the legislation, joined by two Republicans.   The bill now needs to be approved by the House before going to President Obama’s desk for his signature. The bill, which becomes law on January 1, 2011 is […]

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