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I’m Smug Because 2 Years Ago, I Predicted Facebook’s Entering Video Will Dwarf Other Popular Social Media And Am Right


This week, Twitter announced that it will expand the minimum characters for its social media micro-blogging platform from 140 to 280 characters. Apparently, according to tech industry analyst, this move is a direct result to the fact that Twitter has stalled in growth and is experimenting with different ways to grow. So has Snapchat, which added […]

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To Max Biz Opps, Hopefully You Aren’t Doing any of These 10 Things in Social Media

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  When you own an online business, content creation platform like a blog or website or are in the process of building your brand and trying to secure opportunities from partners, advertisers, clients and customers, you have to maintain a professional appearance in real life, online and especially in social media. There are tons of articles […]

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50+ SEO Resources & Tools for Content Marketers


For those who don’t understand what Search Engine Optimization is and wandering in this territory for the first time, here are over 50 resources and tools to get started

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