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10 Creative Female #StartUps

Our dream business series has introduced us to a World of inspirational female business owners. From retro ice cream vans to whiskey nail bars, here’s a look at ten of our favourite female entrepreneur and dream business interviews. Click on any image… Jeneba “JJ Ghatt”,is editor at Jenebapeaks.com, an online hub where she helps social media […]

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Report: Women of color-owned businesses doubled, outpace growth for all women-owned businesses

A new report shows over the past few decades women of color-owned businesses have doubled and outpaces growth from all women-owned businesses even though they earn less revenue and employ less people.

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Where are the Angel Investors and How do they Invest?

Every start up, entrepreneur and small business technology company need capital, whether to launch, fund growth or expand to the next level. For many start ups that have not gone to market yet, starting at the angel level is the best alternative for funding when there is no positive revenue balance sheet to entice a […]

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NewME 3-day pop up accelerators showcase underrepresented communities in tech

Last night, the NewME accelerator held its demo day for one of its new traveling pop up programs. The pop ups are 3-day versions of its 12 week Silicon Valley located incubator program. NewME’s mission is to educate, accelerate and empower underrepresented tech entrepreneurs around the world . The DC pop-up, held at iStrategy labs in the […]

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How NOT to promote your new business on GroupOn.

Great Business Idea: Using Groupon to promote your new housekeeping service and introduce more potential clients to your company. Bad Business Idea: Underestimating the number of sales you’d get from the GroupOn offer and then having to book out services through the end of the year because you can only clean houses on your day […]

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Congress approves Start Up crowdfunding bill; 22 Crowdfunding sites to apply to now

Today,  the Senate passed its version of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) act, which helps small start ups raise capital by supporting and authorizing crowdfunding, a process of raising money. Instead of seeking out angel investors or venture capitalists, crowdfunding enables individuals, collectives and startups to gather donations or microinvestments in their product, project […]

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