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CyberMonday: Those without in-home Broadband access miss out on savings/deals

Holiday Shopping

A new report says customers are more likely to make a purchase from a link on their tablet or computer, most likely at home, revealing that those without in-home broadband access are less likely to get deals-saving benefits those with access get.

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Start Up Mobile App Developers & Celebrities Beware: FTC’s Guidelines Come After You!


This Monday, I  shared a post on my “mom blog” Bellyitch about the insane amount of money that celebrities get paid to tweet. (Kim Kardashian gets $8,000 and at one time Charlie Sheen pocketed $30K per tweet) Then, as if the FTC Gods were watching, the very next day Tuesday, March 12, the Federal Trade Commission […]

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How NOT to promote your new business on GroupOn.

Great Business Idea: Using Groupon to promote your new housekeeping service and introduce more potential clients to your company. Bad Business Idea: Underestimating the number of sales you’d get from the GroupOn offer and then having to book out services through the end of the year because you can only clean houses on your day […]

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Worldwide Government and Private Start up Accelerator and Incubator Programs

I was doing some online research on government and private business accelerator and incubator programs and thought it would be helpful to consolidate the fruits of my efforts  into one post as a one stop shop for others also interested in learning about these programs, where to apply for them, deadlines and what organizations and groups are […]

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