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How incumbent BIG Internet companies control the Digital Economy


When we think of big bad companies that have massive market control we rarely consider how much power, influence and control BIG Internet has but maybe we should

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How a TOS violation cost a Blogger 100K Posts & 150K Followers


Recently, I personally realized the importance of being mindful and cognizant of a blog platform’s Terms of Service before signing up on it and dedicating thousands of hours and sweat building up a following and loading it up with content. This week,  suspended a blog I have hosted on it. Last year,  I purchased […]

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How to Set Up your Blog as a Business in 6 Easy Steps

blog as business

In this economy, it is a good idea to find a second source of revenue to supplement your household income. The extra money can be used for savings, for a vacation fund or to start the foundation of a business venture you want to launch. One of the easiest businesses to launch is a web-based […]

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Report: Minorities, Urban, Poorer, Youth & Women use Social Media most


Social Media is blowing up! Most adults use social media. A recent PEW Internet social networking survey revealed that as of December 2012, 67% of American adults use social networking. But of the top sites, Facebook is number one with 67% of adults saying they have an account compared to just 16% on Twitter, 15% […]

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