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I’m Smug Because 2 Years Ago, I Predicted Facebook’s Entering Video Will Dwarf Other Popular Social Media And Am Right

This week, Twitter announced that it will expand the minimum characters for its social media micro-blogging platform from 140 to 280 characters. Apparently, according to tech industry analyst, this move is a direct result to the fact that Twitter has stalled in growth and is experimenting with different ways to grow. So has Snapchat, which added […]

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Dissecting the 5 Common Responses Readers Make to Excuse Big TECH’s EEO Reports

So here’s the deal: Twitter released its EEO report showing that out of close to 3,000 employees in America, it has only 49 black ones. Many outlets have reported on this news. I don’t really want to rehash all I wrote when Facebook came out with its own EEO report which revealed a similar yet […]

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Why Twitter’s biz model is not as lucrative as Facebook & Pinterest.

Twitter‘s CEO Dick Costolo will step down, New York Times reports. Part of the reason the 5-year Chief of the popular social media company is relinquishing his post is because of its struggles to grow its user database, increase ad revenue and get side projects launched and successful. Unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t have the same flexibility […]

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Report: TV Watching with a Second screen is bad for Brands

Brands and advertisers use of brand integration may be thwarted by audiences inability to retain brands presented while watching TV and operating a second screen at the same time.

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How Social Media Embeds disrupted the Paparazzi business

[BACKGROUND: Ever so often, I am inspired to blog about a topic, but don’t have time to research, write and offer a more comprehensive treatment to a complex topic. So,  I will just do a quick voice note – kind of like a podcast and share it on my social media pages. This time, my […]

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Next Gen StartUp Founders Really don’t know what they’re in for under Title II Net Neutrality Regs

It’s unclear whether the next generation of start up founders are aware that the regulatory framework proposed for the internet may burden their efforts to launch and grow successful companies.

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How I got 40 Million Profile Views in Google Plus

I recently discovered the factors that went in for me getting a Google Plus page views count that surpassed Google’s Founder and all the other top dogs on that social media platform

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A Day in My Life as a Publisher/Tech Lawyer/Start up and Author

Inspired by NPR‘s three-week Twitter series, Day in the Life of Blacks in Tech, and nudged by a fellow I follow on Twitter, I thought I’d share my day too. I know and have worked with several of the people featured and have been enjoying following their days and look forward to following others. It’s […]

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Why you’ve seen Bitstrips flooding your Facebook timeline recently, Bitstrips creators explain

Over the last few weeks, many people have seen their Facebook timelines flooded with Bitstrip cartoons. The desktop and mobile app which only launched last year 2012 lets users create a cartoon version of themselves, then create and personalize fun comic scenarios that they can share with their friends on Facebook. The cartoons appear on […]

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The Secret IPO law wasn’t created for the “Twitters” of the World

Secret IPOs (Initial Public Offering) is a process that lets private companies start the steps of going public, which includes making initial inquiries, filing preliminary draft documents and engaging in communication with the Securities Exchange Commission, but without having all of that publicly available, as before. It allows a company to spend all of its […]

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