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Next Gen StartUp Founders Really don’t know what they’re in for under Title II Net Neutrality Regs

It’s unclear whether the next generation of start up founders are aware that the regulatory framework proposed for the internet may burden their efforts to launch and grow successful companies.

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Supreme Court rules against TV streaming startup & warrantless police searches of mobile phones

The US Supreme Court issued two rulings affecting the digital tech world today. In a 6-3 decision, in ABC et al v. Aereo Inc., the court decided that startup streaming company Aereo,  which enables users who pay a subscriber fee to view broadcast TV shows on their mobile phones or desktops, violated the copyright of […]

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Fisher v. University: Clarence Thomas would overrule diversity in academic admissions, but then what?

So the United States Supreme Court handed down the opinion to the much anticipated  Fisher v. University of Texas affirmative action case today. It was anticlimactic because the court punted. It handed the case back down to the federal court (5th Circuit Court of Appeals) to apply the more stringent standard required when reviewing a challenge […]

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The Anti-Lean In: How the Rules for Women Entrepreneurs Differ; Tech Biz Vet Paula Tompkins explains

When Paula Tompkins started her career in the male-dominated tech field in the mid-1970s,  as one could imagine, the atmosphere for women was not friendly. Fortunately, Tompkins got her start during that time that companies were slowly starting to diversity…because the government made them do it. Back then, the woman who currently owns the 16th […]

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Obama responds to Supreme Court Arizona v. US ruling

Just got the White House response to the controversial Supreme Court ruling in the case where the US challenged the law that would have empowered police to randomly stop and ask for the immigration status of people police suspect may be in the country illegally. Statement by the President on the Supreme Court’s Ruling on […]

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Public Interest groups & small wireless companies ask US Supreme Court for help

Public policy can make strange bedfellows.  On network neutrality, some of the 22 organizations and entities I filed a US Supreme Court brief for today are on opposite sides of the issue. Today, they got together to ask the Supreme Court to help small, women and minority owned wireless companies compete with the BIG FOUR […]

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