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Covering the White House: A Blogger’s Perspective at National Arts Medaling Ceremony

Last week, at the White House the President of the United States Barack Obama officially medaled the 2015 National Arts and National Humanities Awards winner in an intimate ceremony in the East Room. Of course, the Press was there to capture and document the event which involved formal reading of each winner’s citation, the president […]

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TOP 50 WEBSITES: News, Gossip or Political? Which sites get the most traffic

*Edited to correct estimates are for monthly unique hits, or weekly by impressions Are readers more interested in entertainment, politics or news? Does the answer depend on which sites get the most monthly traffic? Curious to know how much monthly traffic your favorite site gets? Using data from Ebizmba.com, an estimage of monthly unique visitor […]

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Dear Kaiser and Washington Post: Black Women Don’t Want to be Studied Like Lab Rats

So this morning, one of my sisterfriends emails a bunch of us girls this Washington Post article, Survey Paints Portrait of Black Women in America,  which highlights the results of a Post/Kaiser Family research about black women. In  surveying 808 black women (and 305 black men) followed with after-survey sample interviews, the authors try to […]

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Things fed workers can do during the government shut down

Since it is looking like the Democrats and Republicans in Congress may not agree on how much to cut and what programs to cut before the CR (continuing resolution) which funds the federal government thru Friday lapses, it looks like we may be heading for a government shut down similar to the one we experienced […]

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44’s Profiles in Courage? The Obama/GOP Proposal in Graph Format

The Washington Post organized the deal between the President and GOP leaders in graph form in Ezra Klein’s column today. Check them out: source Jeneba “JJ Ghatt”,is editor at Jenebapeaks.com, an online hub where she helps social media butterfly who empowers digital entrepreneurs and professionals to create great things online at her online learning platform Digital Publishing […]

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Does the media elevate extremists & under-report civility?

  The Washington Post reported last week that the Tea Party movement is not as large as people may think it is. The article set me on a rant on the role of mainstream media in elevating and providing a sound board and platform for the person or people who say the most outrageous and […]

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There’s a Reason Wireless is Exempted from Net Neutrality Now

Did I read right that FCC Commissioner Copps wrote an editorial in the Washington Post admonishing the paper for embracing and writing favorably about he Verizon-Google settlement? I am in awe to see an esteemed top FCC official take issue with efforts to move the agency along past net neutrality and onto the numerous pressing issues that […]

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Blogging While Brown: A review

I participated in the 3rd annual gathering of bloggers of color, the 2010 Blogging While Brown Conference on June 18 and 19 in Washington, DC at the Washington Convention Center.  It was a wonderful opportunity to be in the same room as dozens of other influential political and social bloggers. There were those who I had […]

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