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The US Ebola Response by the Numbers (INFOGRAPHIC)

Last month, President Barack Obama outlined his strategy for helping West Africa contain the spread of the highly contagious disease Ebola during a visit to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. In remarks during the trip, he outlined what the US is doing to control the epidemic in the nations most affected: Liberia, Sierra Leone and […]

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FEDS Tech Start Up tries to lure tech workers from Silicon Valley

The Washington DC area has a tech worker shortage and the Feds are trying to lure Silicon Valley workers here, but it is a tall order

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Watch the White House Girls-Focused Science Fair LIVE (VIDEO)!

Watch the 6th Science Fair hosted at the White House by President Barack Obama to encourage technology and science among American school children

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White House report agrees Data Collection Overhaul is Needed

keys with privacy

It’s been a little over three months since President Obama‘s major speech earlier this year where he promised to inquire into federal data collection. This Thursday, his White House counsel John Podesta (full disclosure: an old co-worker of mine) released the results of a 90-day survey of government and private sector data collection practices . In sum, the […]

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5 Things to Do to Ensure Diversity in Tech

We’ve all heard the stats about the digital divide and the minuscule number of people from unserved and underserved communities ability to gain capital and opportunities to build and grow tech businesses. There are varied solutions pitched and presented among top policy and other experts in the field of diversity inclusion. The Kapor Center for […]

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The Presidential Innovation Fellowship program, apply this Summer

Man, when I say my kids MUST learn to code because app developers and coders get all the best opportunities, I wasn’t lying. And look at this: I just learned that the White House has launched a Presidential Fellowship program this summer that will assemble the best minds in private, public and non-profit sector “to […]

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Congress approves Start Up crowdfunding bill; 22 Crowdfunding sites to apply to now

Today,  the Senate passed its version of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) act, which helps small start ups raise capital by supporting and authorizing crowdfunding, a process of raising money. Instead of seeking out angel investors or venture capitalists, crowdfunding enables individuals, collectives and startups to gather donations or microinvestments in their product, project […]

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“Common” controversy shows distraction politics is working

This week, the blogsphere and Twitterverse were abuzz over news that Michelle Obama had included  a “vile rapper” among a list of  poets and lyrical artists invited  to a May 11 celebration of poetry event at the White House.   So it appears that someone got a list of participants, quickly went on an Andrew Breitbart-like […]

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White House is accepting applicants for its DC Scholars program

Applications for White House D.C. Scholars Program Due April 24 WASHINGTON, D.C. – The White House is accepting applications for this summer’s D.C. Scholars Program.  The program reaches Washington, D.C. public and charter high school students committed to public service and learning more about the White House. The D.C. Scholars internship program is an unpaid […]

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Susan Rice addressed female teens at an East Harlem school with 10 year 100% graduation rate

The same day that President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan were touring a tech high school in Boston known for having a high graduation rate among its majority Hispanic and Black student body from low income households, Ambassador Susan Rice was at an East Harlem school for girls that has had a 100% graduation […]

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