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4 ways Internet Businesses make money other than Ads

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There is a common misconception among traditional online marketers that ad sales are the only way to make money off of content online. Here are some more.

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How the Internet Economy is like the Wide Open West

Gunfighters 6607

The opportunities for taking advantage of the internet economy are broad with endless opportunities once the US doesn’t abandon its principles that enabled web-based startups and entrepreneurs to thrive

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Google violates diversity standards yet gets rewarded FCC White Spaces grant

DailyFinance reports Nine companies, including Google (GOOG), have received Federal Communications Commission approval to use unused broadcast frequencies — so-called “white spaces” — to expand the availability of wireless broadband. “While the operation of multiple database administrators may present some coordination challenges, we find it is in the public interest to have multiple parties developing […]

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OH WELL FOR POST-RACIAL AMERICA! Yahoo! story about Black Farmer settlement sets off thousands of racist comments

So much for the so-called “post racial” president and post-racial America! Yahoo!  News published a story about the settlement award for the black farmers and has caused quite a bit of stir. At this posting, there have been nearly 7,000 comments and most of them BLATANTLY RACIST! (seriously has Yahoo! News ever gotten that many […]

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