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For 2016, Two New Developments for YouTube & Other Video Content Creators and Marketers to Know (PODCAST)


Happy New Year!! Are you ready to conquer 2016?! I am! Okay, go into the new year aware of a couple of new developments related to video content! These developments happened at the last quarter of 2015, but not a lot of people are aware or cognizant about how these changes will affect their ability […]

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How a 14-Year Old Became A Social Media Celebrity in 3 months; Case Study is

baby ariel

It’s amazing how quickly people can gain popularity on new social media sites. Like this Summer, there was a conference for Periscope, a Live video sharing app that only launched this past April and there is already a conference for fans, users, brands and other Periscope celebrities. Amazing, eh? Similarly, a lip sync app similar […]

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Broadband Access Credited for Teen Pregnancy Reduction


Broadband access is being credited for decreasing teen pregnancy, The Guardian reports A recent study at the German Institute (IZA) concluded that “at least 13% of the total decline in the teen birth rate between 1999 and 2007 can be explained by increases in high speed internet access” in the United States. Melanie Guldi from the University of Central Florida and Chris Herbst from Arizona State University conclude: […]

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Next Gen StartUp Founders Really don’t know what they’re in for under Title II Net Neutrality Regs

start up founders

It’s unclear whether the next generation of start up founders are aware that the regulatory framework proposed for the internet may burden their efforts to launch and grow successful companies.

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A Day in My Life as a Publisher/Tech Lawyer/Start up and Author

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Inspired by NPR‘s three-week Twitter series, Day in the Life of Blacks in Tech, and nudged by a fellow I follow on Twitter, I thought I’d share my day too. I know and have worked with several of the people featured and have been enjoying following their days and look forward to following others. It’s […]

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Russell Simmons teams up with Universal Music to replicate the Usher-Justin Bieber model


So today, CNET reported that hip hop mogul and Def Jam Records founder Russell Simmons has teamed up with Universal Music to launch a new label All Def Digital which will scour YouTube for talent.  It will become the first label created solely for the purpose to develop YouTube artists that is tied to a […]

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