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Russell Simmons teams up with Universal Music to replicate the Usher-Justin Bieber model

So today, CNET reported that hip hop mogul and Def Jam Records founder Russell Simmons has teamed up with Universal Music to launch a new label All Def Digital which will scour YouTube for talent.  It will become the first label created solely for the purpose to develop YouTube artists that is tied to a […]

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Lessons from S*t White Girls Say to Black Girls: Why Can’t I use the “N” Word?

By now, most have seen at least one version of the various permeations of the “S*it [insert racial or social class, sexual orientation or gender] says” videos spoofs whereby a member of a certain community pokes fun at the opposite gender in a video short blurting out  one word or short phrases that are commonly […]

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You wouldn’t like Joe Walsh when he gets angry, Tea party Rep loses cool at town hall

  Tea Party Republican Rep. Joe Walsh lost his cool this weekend during a townhall at Uno Bar and Grill in Gurnee, Illinois.  Check out how bonkers he goes when someone mistakenly brings up banks and dares blame them for being part of the reason for the economic collapse.  Aye! Woooosaaaah, Joe! He has since […]

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