Hello World, it’s me, Jeneba!

Hello World, it’s me, Jeneba!

I’ve been watching, reading, thinking and reacting to all of the recent fury of activity going on at the FCC and in the communications and broadband industry.

I realize there is a lot of rhetoric being put out there on several hot button issues. But what’s missing is a voice that thoroughly dissects these topics from the perspective of the little guy, in particular small, women and minority owned businesses and tech companies.  That is my world.  The people I represent in my small online legal boutique.  Heck, I have and am living the life, dream and struggle of the small business.

Half of the time, it is very apparent to me that those voices claiming to speak on behalf of our people have NO CLUE whatsoever about the very REAL and PRACTICAL impact some of these issues have on small and minority owned businesses and online entrepreneurs, or digital entrepreneurs as I like to call them.  I mean, I have pleaded and begged for answers from some of the most vocal advocates, but the woefully inadequate responses I’ve gotten have led me to believe that there is a huge disconnect between the talking points they espouse and our reality.

Since I feel no one out there has done the job, I think it is necessary for me to step up and speak out about these issues that I am so passionate about.  I guess the saying is right:  if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

So, this is where I come in…to fill in that void.  To be honest, the spin doctors have driven me to the point where I felt I needed a forum to SET THE RECORD straight!

Lord knows we cannot have others telling us how we should think and what we should be feeling and doing about these issues.

With that, I launch Jeneba Speaks.

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Jay Jay Ghatt is also editor at Techyaya.com, founder of the JayJayGhatt.com and JayJayGhatt.com where she teaches online creators how to navigate digital entrepreneurship and offers Do-It-For-You Blogging Service. She manages her lifestyle sites BellyitchBlog, Jenebaspeaks and JJBraids.com and is the founder of BlackWomenTech.com 200 Black Women in Tech On Twitter. Her biz podcast 10 Minute Podcast is available on iTunes and Player.fm. Follow her on Twitter at @Jenebaspeaks. Buy her templates over at her legal and business templates on Etsy shop!