There’s a Reason Wireless is Exempted from Net Neutrality Now

Did I read right that FCC Commissioner Copps wrote an editorial in the Washington Post admonishing the paper for embracing and writing favorably about he Verizon-Google settlement? I am in awe to see an esteemed top FCC official take issue with efforts to move the agency along past net neutrality and onto the numerous pressing issues that are pending but being ignored.
What disturbed me a little more than that is the fact that he takes issue with Wireless being left off of the proposed mechanism for resolving all of these issues. He, of all people, should be aptly aware that, unlike wireline and fixed landline-based infrastructure, wireless is limited by spectrum. Until something is done about spectrum efficiency, we are not in the position to be imposing any requirement that will burden a resource with limited capacity.  It seems slightly reckless to even suggest that our airwaves be potentially burdened that way. We thought interference and insufficient spectrum was a problem now, imagine how bogged down wireless broad band will become when and if people are allowed to send unlimited data requests through.  I am typing this at a free wi-fi station and know very well what happens in this tiny space when just one customer decides to stream video as the rest of us surf. Until spectrum efficiency is worked out, I think it is a bit premature to be imposing net neutrality principles to wireless.
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