Largest Listing of “Googable” Motivational Speakers

Largest Listing of “Googable” Motivational Speakers

Well…not really, this week I discovered 4 other people who have blog names that are essentially their first and/or last name and the word behind it as in mine:

I thought that was a unique idea when suggested to me by a friend…hmm that was until I decided today to do a simple Google search and see how common this trend actually was and I discovered 50 Google pages worth of [FILL IN THE BLANK]

Who are all these people who stole MY idea for a blog name?  A few thoughts.

1.Most of these blogs are of motivational speakers, authors,  investment advisers or life/career coaches.  It includes even a guy who claims to be a bully advisor and the youngest vlogger blogger!  In fact, this post is now officially one of the largest if not the largest listing of  “Googlable” motivational speakers with the name speaks in their website url!! LOL!

If you’re not on this [still growing] list, then you don’t exist! Ha!

2. If you’ve been thinking about jumping on OUR bandwagon – yes I’ve accepted and owned  the fact that I am a member of this bizarre Fraternity – and creating your own speaker blog, you better check out this list below to see if your name is already taken! If not, hop to it and get yourself a domain STAT!!

Here’s the listing

Still growing list…stay tuned

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