No Osama photo & Sea Burial fuel conspiracy theorists

LA Times is reporting:

Within hours of the raid on Osama bin Laden‘s Pakistani compound, the CIA had used 21st century technology to get “a virtually 100% DNA match” on the dead man. But something out of another century may come back to haunt Washington: the Al Qaeda leader’s burial at sea.

Conspiracy theorists on both the left and right were quick to insist that Bin Laden was either still alive or had been dead for years, pouncing on the government’s decision to slide the body of the world’s most wanted man off a board into the Arabian Sea. 

As blogs hummed with allegations that the Obama administration had faked the middle-of-the-night raid, the Bin Laden “death hoax” threatened to replace questions about President Obama’s citizenship as the latest Internet rumor to go viral.

And now that the decision has been made to NOT release the photographs, the theories will surely now flow.  Rush Limbaugh has already accused the President of using this issue to distract from the economy and the birther issue.
“If the lead story, or close to the lead story, is the photo,” Limbaugh is reported saying on his top-rated program this afternoon, “then the more people are distracted from the slow job growth, flagging economy, rising gasoline price. You know, none of that’s getting any better. The economic news is getting worse. So the longer you can keep this photo release near the top of the stack, the better off you are.”
On the finale of Season 3 of Right of Black, my co-host and I will look into other conspiracy theories and how they do or do not impact the body politic. Listen to the show at our BLOG TALK RADIO station tomorrow at 9pm EST.
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