Politic365 toasts new Chairman at Reception (PHOTOS)

Tuesday, online political news site Politic365 hosted a reception on Captol Hill at the Art & Soul restaurant and lounge  in honor of its new chairman Kendrick Meek.  The former Congresssman of Florida’s 17th Congressional district, who hails from a political family,  has been brought on to provide direction to the fairly nascent but influential online newsmagazine. Politic365 covers politics about and from the perspective of diverse communities, focusing on the African American population in particular.

Politic365 is newest among a host of  influential and widely read online news magazines that target black  readers interested in news and information on politics, policy and popular culture such as The Grio (an NBCUniversal affiliate), The Root (A Washington Post affiliate) and The Loop 21. (independent run). 

Though recently officially launched,  Politic365 has already been in existence for nearly a year.  It prides itself on standing out from the other publications because it focuses on politics solely, akin to a Politico-type publication. With Meek at its helm, it is looking to be a leader in the field.

During the event, former Speaker of the House and current Democrat majority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spoke Meek’s praises.  Other notable speakers included Assistant Democratic Leader  Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) and Congressional Black Caucus President Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II (D-MO). Other heads of influential black political organizations and associations were also in attendance and spoke. The event was attended by several senior Democratic National Committee, White House and Congressional staffers, Washington insiders and members of other political newspapers.

Most recently, in 2010, the two term Congressman won  the Democratic senatorial primary for the Senate seat in Florida.   He was one third of a 3-man  contentious battle for that seat which included former Governor Charlie Crist, who abandoned his seat as governor to campaign as an Independent and Marco Rubio, the Republican nominee.  After a haughty battle, watched by many nationally, Rubio ultimately won the seat.

Had Meek been able to take the seat, he would have been the sole African American in Senate.  Today, there is none.  Some say Meek may have had a better chance at winning had his campaign been nationalized similar to how Obama’s was when he was aiming for his Senatorial seat in Illinois.

The Senate’s loss is Politic365’s gain as Meek will be tasked with guiding the emerging news magazine. 

Because I provide analyis and cover White House and Congressional news for the online paper, I too am happy about what he brings to the site.

Minority Leader Nany Pelosi praises Meeks, Left
Inside the Art & Soul lounge
CBC Chair Elridge Cleaver addresses crowd, Ken Meeks looks on
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