The most common MISUSED word on the Internet is…

The most common MISUSED word on the Internet is…

Everyday and every second of every minute of every hour someone, somewhere is using the following word incorrectly:


It is the contraction of you are. Remember contractions in grammar school? Ways of shortening two words: It’s, We’re, They’re, etc.

For some reason, Americans of all variety, shapes, sizes, ethnicity, educational levels have a tough time using it correctly.

Most write “Your” when they are talking to someone and addressing them, usually “dressing them down”, in response to something they wrote online.

It is so often misued that a few bots have been created which auto respond to those who use the word wrong on Twitter. It’s similar to the auto bot that correct folks who use the words “sneak peek” wrong and instead type “sneak peak.”

I know fellow Grammar Nazis cringe each time a “You’re” is used incorrectly in the social media stratosphere. I envision a world where all English speakers will use the contraction correctly.

Alas, I fear that day will never ever come.

And now, a few memes and cartoons I found online created to address the issue:


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