The Evolution of The Hashtag and Facebook’s plans to add them

The Evolution of The Hashtag and Facebook’s plans to add them

The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook is considering finally adding the popular hashtag, a digital method for chronicling and grouping posts based on  a common theme together into a searchable format, to its social media platform.

That  would be a great relief for those of us who use hashtags in the popular social networking site even though we know very well they do not have any function. Finally, people can start creating memes poking fun of us for using them on Facebook.

But I’ve long noticed and usually point out that hashtags are no longer only used for creating or contributing to a a ‘trending topic”, a subject matter that a lot of people are talking about at the same time.

Hashtag phrases, usually made up, have become a way of ending sentences and are dropped at the end of a status update, post or Tweet to add emphasis to the point.

You’ll see a user say:

#NameDropper after an update sharing about bumpging into a distant relative of a famous person she knows.

After updating your friends about a bad date you may type. #HellDate #SingleForever.

In a tweet about a great day, you may write #GoodLife or #FunTImes.

And thus, the hashtag has evolved into  something more than just an inventive and innovative web file system. It’s now a part of our lexicon and common verbiage.

Social Media is a living breathing thing.

Aint’ it grande!

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