Kerry Washington on SNL: On African Americans’ unconditional high Obama approval rating

Kerry Washington on SNL: On African Americans’ unconditional high Obama approval rating


So, after some decent feedback on my Bethenny Frankel/Omarosa video log last week,  I’m back at it again.

I think I like the idea of doing a quick 5-10 minute video response/rant about a popular pop culture or political topic in the news as a deeper dive to the 140 characters-at-a-time exchanges I have had with friends and followers on Twitter.

This time, I discuss one of the skits from the November 2 episode of Saturday Night Live where Kerry Washington, star of the wildly popular ABC drama “Scandal” hosted.

Washington, who is reportedly pregnant with her 1st child with new husband cornerback for the San Francisco 49ers Nnamdi Asomugha, is only the 8th or 9th black woman to host the show in its 750+show history.

And in one skit called, “How’s he Doing?”, she and only other two black actors on SNL, Jay Pharoah and Kenan Thompson, address the fact that African Americans vote 90%+ of the time for Democrats and even more for President Obama. The loyalty is so much so that they’d continue to approve of his performance even when it dips among other groups or when they’re not necessarily faring well under his administration.

So I add my two cents below:

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