Bloggers: How to Calculate Your Sponsored Post Rate (12 Bloggers Examples)

Bloggers: How to Calculate Your Sponsored Post Rate (12 Bloggers Examples)

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How much bloggers earn  is always a topic of wonder for new bloggers especially trying to figure out how much they can eventually earn.

Also, folks are just curious, generally, and eager to know if you really can make a living from blogging.

Bloggers make money from a variety of ways from ads, to affiliate marketing, to selling products but one of the more common and more lucrative ways is from sponsored posts or native advertising. This is when a brand, product, service or advertiser pays for coverage. It’s what magazines call advertorials, traditionally.

Here too, people rarely share their rates on their sites.

It’s sort of a faux pas to ask how much bloggers make.  Consider those who blog professionally for a living, that is the equivalent of asking how much a salaried worker makes. Both are no-nos. Notwithstanding, over the years various writers, journos, bloggers and websites have managed to pull it out of some bloggers.

A few years ago,Blogger and Babble writer Cecily Kellog came up with a formula for determining how much one should charge.  It’s a suggestion based on what she and others do and it works!


Plugging in the numbers should help bloggers determine how much they should charge for sponsored posts. Here it is:

# of page views

+ # of twitter followers

+ #Instagram followers

+ #Facebook Fans

÷ page rank #

x $ .01

÷ 2

= your approximate sponsored post rate.

A few caveats to this:

  • More influential and niche bloggers can eliminate the last divide by two at the end. Because of their specialized audiences, they can command more money. Think the Go Pro Blogger, the Tax/Economics Blogger, the Cosplay Blogger. The Uncommon. Not the common: Mom/Parent, Hair, Politics, Tech, Beauty etc
  • Also, if you have more followers on Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat or some other platform, substitute it for one of these three When the formula was created, those platforms didn’t exist or weren’t as prevalent as they are now.
  • Given that Instagram now is recognized as having pretty engaged followers who are brand loyalists so folks with higher Instagram followers should be making more and can also eliminate the last divide by two.
  • Student Working On Laptop

Kellog calculated the ratesof 25 bloggers who willingly revealed their numbers for her to plug into the formula and the bloggers verified. You can see her complete link HERE , and Go there to see what types of blogs and specialties are commanding these amounts. That makes a difference too because not all blogs are equal.

I’ve pulled a selection of 10 based on their stats but not their names just to give you a general idea or what some bloggers are charging for sponsored posts:


$50 to $150 for a sponsored post
3,000 pageviews/month
Page Rank 2
1500+ Twitter Followers


$1000 per sponsored post
One million+ pageviews/month
Page rank 5
20,000+ Twitter Follwers


$75 per sponsored post
4,400 pageviews/month
Page Rank 4
7,200+ Twitter followers


$1000+ per sponsored post
850,000+ Pageviews/month
Page Rank 4
12,000+ Twitter Followers



$500 per sponsored post
50,000+ pageviews/month
Page Rank 5
8,900 Twitter followers


$100 per sponsored post
99,000 pageviews/month
Page Rank 3
7,200+ Twitter followers


$250 per sponsored post
174,000+ pageviews/month
Page Rank 4
5,900+ Twitter followers


$150+ per sponsored post
40,000+ pageviews/month
Page Rank 4
58,000+ Twitter followers


$50 per sponsored post
2,000 pageviews/month
Page Rank 4
4,100 Twitter followers


$200 per sponsored post
17,000 pageviews/month
Page Rank 4
10,000+ Twitter followers


$50 a post, $75 a giveaway
15,000 pageviews/month
Page Rank 4
2100+ Twitter Followers


$150 to $200 per sponsored post
50,000 pageviews/month
Page Rank 5
8,900+ Twitter followers $150 to $200

man-coffee-cup-pen-large (1)

There you go! I hope it is helpful!

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