Breaking Millennial Speak: 100+ Substitute Words for ‘Amazing’

Breaking Millennial Speak: 100+ Substitute Words for ‘Amazing’


I was watching one of my fave 20- something movie reviewer on a local news channel do  a segment on a new movie project and I swear, he used the word “amazing” like 15 times in that 3 minute portion of the broadcast.


Now, I love my Millennial pals and I reach Millennial audiences in some of my targeted content so I am guilty of something they do: Use the word “AMAZING” as a catch all word to describe any and everything that they like. (“Awesome’ is a close second)

To do my part to help them (and myself out), I’m sharing a list from smart words of other monikers that can and should be used in lieu of the term.

I think this list can also be used by current presidential candidate Donald Trump who overuses the word “HUGE”. He too can take a term or two from this list to flesh out his vocab some. (* snicker *)

AMAZING astonishing astounding awesome breathtaking
extraordinary fabulous fantastic grande incredible
marvelous overwhelming phenomenal remarkable spectacular
splendid staggering startling wonderful
unbelievable unforeseen unthinkable unimaginable unanticipated
unexpected unpredicted
BEAUTIFUL aesthetic appealing attractive awesome
blooming bonny comely cute dazzling
dishy marvelous elegant exquisite fine
glorious good-looking gorgeous graceful handsome
lovely magnificent marvelous nice picturesque
pleasing pretty pulchritudinous ravishing scenic
shapely sparkling splendid statuesque stunning
WONDERFUL audacious adorable awesome beauty
brilliant charming enchanting extraordinary exuberant
fabulous fanciful fantastic fascinating imaginative
impressive incredible ingenious irresistible keen
lavish lovely lush luxuriant outstanding
prodigal magnaminious riotous smart splendid
terrific very good
PLEASANT charming appealing nice congenial
delightful enjoyable favorable fun good
gratifying pleasurable positive satisfying swell
bodacious to one’s taste welcome winning
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