5 Ways to Benefit From a Conference When You Can’t Attend in Person (VIDEO)

5 Ways to Benefit From a Conference When You Can’t Attend in Person (VIDEO)


There is nothing like attending a conference, seminar or industry networking or learning event in person. You get face time with industry leaders, access to speakers after each session, ability to connect and exchange cards with potential partners, clients etc, instant access to presentation slides, the camaraderie, excitement and hype of a bustling conference event, freebies from conference sponsors and focus.

There is a lot of magic that goes on at Live events.

However, what about those you cannot attend in person because the cost of the event was too high, it was too far, you couldn’t get childcare, you had a scheduling conflict or some other circumstance sidelined you?

The next best thing is attending online: vicariously through others and through  your computer.

This week, I planned to attend two awesome conferences and another great networking and collaboration event, but I got sidetracked by a minor medical emergency which limited my ability to attend to leave the house for too long a period of time! Boooooo!!!

Luckily for me, I know how to get max benefit from events I cannot be at in person.

I discuss them in this video that I did LIVE on my Jenebaspeaks Facebook Page.

Here are my tips of 5 Ways to get free or low cost benefits from an event that you cannot attend in person :

In sum, the 5 sources/tips are:

  1. Follow the conference or event hashtag and learn from attendees.
  2. Storify the event hashtag after it ends, and learn from a summary of tweets about the event.
  3. Download the conference app. Most are free and offer benetfits like the specific session hashtags to follow on Twitter, presenter slides, speaker bios etc.
  4. Watch the Conference website to see if there are live feeds of sessions. One of the conference I was to attend Live streamed it all!
  5. Search Live streaming apps like Facebook Live, Periscope, Blab, Meerkat and follow along with conference attendees that are live streaming sessions. This is the beauty of our new shared economy. Everyone want to share their experiences with their friends and followers online! Sweet!

Hope this was helpful! Good luck!

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